Eberron: Dust swallows Sharn


The party enters the King’s Forest while fleeing Sharn. They travel deep into the forest and are ambushed by a band of mercs.

They wake up to find themselves in the dungeons of Xangold’s Castle. After speaking with Illian Corran d’Sivis, and Adoros Dragonsblood they decide to plan an escape.

It started when Raakina Maraawe stole the keys off of one of the guards’ hips. They then, along with Armal, they venture throughout the castle. First stopping to regain their lost possesions and steal thousands of golden coins. They traversed throughout the rest of the Castle, eventually finding the bedroom of Xangold Dragonsblood. Illian Corran d’Sivis then copied down two spells found in a very peculiar spellbook.

They travelled to the throne of Xangold Dragonsblood. The battle lust of Durnnam the Cold combined with the curse cast by Illian Corran d’Sivis, eventually left Xangold Dragonsblood destroyed. The party then returned to the barracks where the guards had been meeting. Illian Corran d’Sivis decided upon a way of converting the guards into allies. Using his telepathy, he told the guards “I am the One. My followers have defeated your leader, and wish to end you. I want peace. Lay on the ground and you will be spared.” Illian Corran d’Sivis then searched for the most intelligent guard(Samson the Chosen) and sent him a message, “You have been chosen by me to take charge of this castle, remember my follower’s faces and hopefully you will be an ally.Your new name is Samson the Chosen.” Then, after informing the others who was in charge, the party left. Illian Corran d’Sivis parted ways telling them he must return to Zilargo. Along their travel, Black Mage met the party and they headed east. Ol Dal pushed the others into traveling without rest.



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