Eberron: Dust swallows Sharn

How it all began

It all started when a dwarven security worker was attacked by a group of thieves. He was working in the central part of Sharn, where the buisness and middle class are. The radicals were no match for his Dwarven Mountain Plate and Tower Shield, but they were fast. The few who survived grabbed some rubies(just the rubies) and started to run out of the store. Meanwhile—-

A lone elf enters the city of Sharn, not for the first time in his life. He searches for adventurers who would help him defeat a group of giants hiding in the Desert of Blades. He sees thieves running towards him, carrying several rubies. He uses his stealth and trickery and they fall before him like flies. Meanwhile—-

Standing at the base of an old library, a warforged wizard readies its spells for the day. It enters the library, finding an entrance to the secret underground catacombs of Sharn, built by the goblins of the former Dhakaani Empire. It takes his first steps into the chambers, not knowing what it will find. Meanwhile—-

A Druid enters the big city for the first time with his Bear Compainion, Moose. He is soon charged with indecent exposure and is warned about having a dagerous animal in the city. After a rough time, he is crossing a bridge when the thieves run into him, almost knocking him off to fall to his death. His Bear makes short work of the thieves, and soon the rubies are returned.



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