Eberron: Dust swallows Sharn

Howling Peaks

The party went into the mountains to continue their quest to head to Zilargo. After continuing along a trade route, the dwarf was ambushed by a giant blob of Jelly and the party found its way deeper under the mountains. Some confusion caused the party to dig there way up, where they were exposed to an ambush of Gargoyal Scouts. Ol Dal suggested that they try to march above ground through an untouched mountain area, but the rest of the party suggested they return underground.
The party continues to weave through the labryrnth. Eventually Raakina Maraawe found a trap door which led to an underground body of water. Swimming (and walking) through the pool, the party, led by Durnnam the Cold found their way into an ancient holding place dating back to the end of the Age of Demons. The room was covered with kyber dragonshard, and in the center of the onyx alter was an imprisoned Devil. The Fiend was trapped inside. After moving a lever, and a few mistakes, the Kyton was released and fought fiercely with its chains. Black Mage was knocked inert from combat, and severe injuries were taked. Eventually, with the hard hitting consistancy of Durnnam the Cold and patience of Ol Dal, the fiend was defeated.



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