Eberron: Dust swallows Sharn

Illian's Log

To those whom it will concern, and for the better of Zilargo.

My time in Sharn has been interesting to say the least. I have my race’s knack for illusions, and was drawn towards specialization at Mongrave University. Sharn has been an interesting city, and I’ve noticed that they’re are many crime factions, and a large struggle against the law. Also, the lower portions of the city have ruins of the ancient goblinoid empire. I wonder what secrets those ruins hold! Mongrave University seems less intrested in knowledge and more interested in collecting artifacts from extreme locations. My studies come to a close soon and I will head back to Zilargo.

I have made a great discovery! Rumor speaks of an unsual magic user who can use telepathy without spells. My goal is to leave my studies and search them out.

Currently I am in an undisclosed location learning from the Great Sara. Now I will learn to manipulate the powers of my mind. I have acchived even more than I had hoped for, not only did I gain telepathy, but I can even sense the presence of intellegent life. Oddly enough, my magical studies have not been deprived, but I feel that if I continue my training in this field, I must sacrifice some of my arcane power. I am not willing to do that. Hence, I am going to return back to my studies in Sharn.
- – – – – – – – – – – – -In Contemplation of experiences, Illian Corran d’Sivis

P.S. Currently captured by some slave trader of sorts. I was passing through the King’s Forest. Don’t send help, I plan to continue observation and then try to escape.



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