Adoros Dragonsblood

A half-human, half-dragon fighter.


A 35-year-old half-human, half-dragon. He has black spiked hair and slit eyes. He wears basic leather armor and carries a great sword, which although being a two-handed sword, he oftens carries using only one hand.


He set off to find advetnure and riches 17 years ago, along with his twin brither, Xangold Dragonsblood. They came across a large castle, abandoned from ages ago. Xangold took it over and using his magic filled it with servants. Xangold then gathered travellers to fight to the death.

Adoros confronted his brother about the prisoners, and Xangold threw him into the dungeons. He was then added as one of the fighting warriors. He defeated many foes and was always sent back to the dungeon. He was there for years before the party arrived.

He told them his story and of the special spells that Xangold used and how they could counteract them. After the party had escaped, he defeated the guards that were taking him to the arena and went to find the party.

He found them as they were defeating Xangold and he congratulated them on their efforts. However, when they appointed Samson the Chosen to reign over the castle before him, he swore vengeance for his brother’s death.

Adoros Dragonsblood

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