Black Mage

A Warforged Wizard who places life and honor before all else.


Standing at 6’7", Black Mage hulks over his companions. He is a 5-year-old Warforged Wizard who specializes in spells of arcane nature. He is made of wood and metal, like other Warforged and has a light that he can commend to turn on or off located in the center of his chest.

His lone pieces of clothing are his blue cape, his sunglasses, and his black top hat. He carries a long wooden branch. He is followed in tow by his trusted animal companion, his bat, Deathgaze.


He was created 5 years ago, during The Last War, as a soldier-mage. Once the war was over, like other Warforged, he was devoid of his purpose. He spent years honing his arcane skills in the wilderness. He travelled to Sharn to explore the vast catacombs of the Goblinod Ruins that lie underneath the city.

He arrived in the city and did eventually make his way to the Goblinoid Ruins. After many trials he found many treasures including his signature Hadoken spell.

He later met up with up with a human and a dwarf who were hunting the Blood of Vol and agreed to join their quest. When they went to speak to Javan Tomollan along with their assassin ally, Raakina Maraawe, they discovered him to be dead and his position to be taken over by Exalten One of sharn. Their new leader declared that all weapons, magic, and Warforged were no longer allowed in Sharn and had to leave immediately.

He left Sharn with Ol Dal while Druid and Raakina Maraawe stayed back to inspire rebellion in the remnants of Sharn who disagreed with their new leader’s thinking. While leaving, Black Mage was brainwashed, having no memories of Exalten One of sharn or of Sharn.

He later reunited with the rest of his allies and they made their way to the caves near the King’s Forest, defeating the goblins and ogres inside and resting for the night. He was one of the two party members who were not captured by Xangold Dragonsblood, as he was off deeper in the forest with Druid seeking help from other druids.

He found his party once again after they had escaped, although he was alone. Druid was lost in the forest. He travelled with the party into the mountains near Zilargo and into the tunnels underneath. ZLighting th way before the others, he fell into a large pit in one of the tunnels and was helped backed to his feet by the party, half of whom were fighting off an Ooze, otherwise known as a Jelly Monster. He was powerless to help them, as they had been marching for over a day, and he was not able to prepare his spells.

The party travelled deeper into the tunnels, finding a small stream outside, and carved a way out into the mountains. They were ambushed by Gargoyles and, once again, Black Mage could do nothing. Once the battle was over, he forced Ol Dal to allow them to rest, finally being able to regain his spells.

They travelled back into the tunnels and found a room made completely of gems. He explained to the rest of the party how the Dhakaani Goblins were so powerful in the ways of magic, that they could seal demons inside of gemstones, giving them free reign over Khorvaire. The party still expanded the gem, fueled by Raakina Maraawe’s greed.

The demon escaped and should have been a much simpler takedown, but it deflected all of Black Mage’s spells, and once, he injured his own teammates after they refused to make way for his spell.

The demon was defeated and he travelled deep into the tunnels with the rest of the party. They exited the tunnels and found themselves deep in the mountains on the border between Breland and Zilargo. Late that night, they came across a Goblin village that stood apart from other goblinoid societies. This village was a democracy.

The party entered the village and was met by its mayor, Hobo’a. He offered them a place to stay for the night, which they gladly accepted. They awoke the next morning and told him their story. He and the other Goblins with him showed their support for the travellers and invited the to stay in the town for another night.

The party split up to do their seperate tasks, and Black Mage travelled towards Town Square with Raakina. Raakina tried to breakdance, but failed and was upstaged by a mere child. Raakina went to practice while children gathered around Black Mage. They were amazed by the Warforged’s workings and invited him to play with them, which he did.

The party regrouped at the end of the day and stayed the night. The next morning they were about to leave, but Hobo’a told them of a hobgoblin attack that was being prepared on the village. The party decided that it was best for them to stay and help out the village. the party split up once again and Black Mage stayed back in the town with Durnaam. Together, they built homes and barricades for the citizens.

The other half of the party returned and confirmed that hobgoblins would be at the village by the morning. The party slept and prepared for the fight ahead, backed up by several goblin warriors as the rest of the village escaped to the caves near town.

Black Mage surrounded himself with goblin warriors as he readied himself for the battle. The hobgoblins were not alone, but were reinforced by ogres. The rest of the party defended the walls of the village while Black Mage stayed inside and guarded the buildings. When one of the ogres broke through the wall, he unleashed a Hadoken spell, felling it in one hit. The party was victorious in defending the village and they stayed one final night.

The party left the village as heroes and made their way to Sterngate the final barrier between them and Zilargo. In an attempt to get through the gate without news of the mgetting back to Sharn, the party tied up Black Mage and pretended to be escorting him out of the country. The guards at Stern Gate had another plan, however, and theytook Black Mage away and let him into Zilargo, themselves. The party met up with Black Mage on the other side of the gate, and the ymade their way into Zilargo.

They found themselves in a deserted city and were attacked by an unknown creature. The party was swallowed by the creauture individually several times and they were greatly weakened.

Black Mage

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