Raakina Maraawe

An assassin who is more cunning then one might think.


A 135 year old elf rouge/assasin, still young. He has silver eyes and silver hair, with one bleack streak. He has along spiralling tattoo on his right arm.

He originally had a clothing style more situated with the color brown, a shirt with one long sleeve on the left arm, as well as brown pants. Now, however, he has become an assassin an wears clothing more suited for that profession. He wears all black with a hood on his head and a bandana across his face. Her has a black long-sleeved shirt and tight black pants ending in black boots.

He fights with a multitude of weapons. He has a dual sword which he often splits in two, a bow and many arrows, and knives sheathed near his ankles. He shines best, however, when he has no weapons and is forced to imporvise.

He has mad break dancing skills which he honed while trying to earn money in the inns of Sharn.


He was born and raised in the city of Keth, but left to find his own destiny when he was 125. He wandered into the Desert of Blades and discovered what he believed to be a giants’ fortress where they were rediscovering magic. He travelled throughout all of Khorvaire looking for people to help him in his quest, but with little avail.

He arrived in Sharn alone and helped Content Not Found: dwarf whose store was robbed by the Blood of Vol. They were also assisted by a human, whose insistance on not wearing clothes makes Raakina very irritated.

They reported this to the city council and were hired to protect the precious gems that the Blood of Vol were after. They were unsuccessful, as another attack was launched at the bank where they were standing guard and the gems inside were stolen. During this attack, he fled from the battle to save his own life, disregarding his allies’ safety.

He wandered the streets of Sharn, unwilling to pay for a room at an inn. During this time, he was hired to assassinate a higher up councilman, which he he did successfuly, even if he did have to spend more money than he earned, and even though he originally forgot the poison.

He eventually met up with his former allies as well as Black Mage, a Warforged wizard. They reestablished their plan to inform the city council of the dangers of the Blood of Vol, but the day before they were supposed to meet with their representative, Javan Tomollan, he was assassinated and replaced by Exalten One of sharn, who instituted a no weapons, magic, or Warforged policy for the city of Sharn. Raakina stayed back in Sharn with Druid to stir rebellion, but eventually had to flee the city and meet up once again with his allies.

They travelled to the King’s Forest and stayed overnight in a cave infested by goblins and ogres, the likes of which were easily dispatched by the party. They woke up in the morning and, once again, split up the party. Raakina and Ol Dal were to stay at camp while Druid and Black Mage searched for Druids who could help them escape the country. Raakina and Ol Dal were captured by mercenaries and were taken to a remote castle in the forest.

Raakina and Ol Dal were locked in the dungeons and were set to be readied to fight for the amusement of the lord of the castle. In the dungeon, they met Adoros Dragonsblood, Illian Corran d’Sivis, and Durnnam the Cold. Adoros explained to them the circumstances of how the lord of the castle was able to force adventurers to fight and Durnnam and Illian offered their assistance in escaping the castle.

Raakina swiped the key to their cell from one of the guards walking by their cell, and once the coast was clear, the party left their iron prison. They fought their way throughout the castle, looting the treasure room and the personal library of the lord of the castle. They eventually made their way to the throne of the lord and after blinding him, quickly dispatched of him. They named a new lord for the castle, and went on their way without resting.

They found Black Mage travelling through the forest alone; Druid had gotten lost in the forest. They decided that it was for the best and travelled through the mountain pass without him. They entered a catacomb of tunnels and travelled deep within, at one point, defending themselves from the “Jelly Monster” they encountered, an Ooze.

They travelled to a room with a stream and, deciding there was no way out, they blew a hole in the wall and travelled outside. When they went out into the mountains, however, they were ambushed by a trio of gargoyles. Once they dispatched of the gargoyles, the finally rested. The next morning, they travelled back into the tunnels and discovered they way through.

As they travelled deeper into the tunnels, they discovered a demon trapped in a gemstone. After a quick history lesson about the Dhakaani Empire, courtesy of Black Mage, Raakina, fueled by greed, convinced his companions to make the gem grow larger by pouring water on it. After a few hours of pouring water, the demon escaped the gem and attacked the party. The party killed the demon and exited the tunnels into the other side of the mountains.

They travelled down the mountainside and discovered a goblin village built on democracy. They met the mayor of the village and he welcomed them and allowed them to stay the night in their own private building. The next morning, the party told him of the dangers of Khorvaire and the goblins asked them to stay in the village another night.

The party split up to do what they wanted with the rest of the day. Raakina travelled with Black mage, and decided to practice his breakdancing in the town square. Unfortunately, he was showed up by a young goblin which caused him to go sulk and practice in private. He rejoined the rest of the party later that day. the next morning, as they were preparing to leave, Hobo’a told them of a hobgoblin attack that was being prepared against the village. The party agreed to help the village against the hobgoblins. Raakina left with Ol Dal to scout out the enemies.

Raakina and Ol Dal learned that the hobgoblins would be on the village by morning and they returned to the village to help set up defenses. They slept for the night and readied themselves for battle, along with several goblin volunteers.

As the hobgoblins, and subsequently ogres, attacked the walls of the city, Rakina and his goblin companion shot down a volley of arrows on the enemy. An ogre, enraged by the arrows attacked the archer tower and destroyed it. As the tower was tumbling, Raakina jumped out, drew his dual scimitar, and sliced an ogre, felling it. The party was victorious in their battle against the hobgoblins and ogres.

The party left the next morning as heroes and they travelled to Sterngate, the gateway to Zilargo. They tied up Black Mage in an attempt to move through the gate undetected. Black Mage was set free into Zilargo by the guards of the gate, however, and the party travelled through the gate after, eventually meeting up with Black Mage once again.

The party wandered into a deserted village and was attacked by a strange creature capable of swallowing members of the party whole. raakina, concerned about saving his own skin, took the wagon they had been given in the goblin village and deserted the rest of the party, dooming them.

Raakina Maraawe

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