Xangold Dragonsblood

A half-human, half-dragon wizard.


A 35-year-old half dragon, half human. He has long black hair and a black beard. His eyes have slits instead of pupils, and his teeth have become fangs. Protruding from his back is a single dragon wing.

He wears a black cloak that has a hood and a zipper running down the front, as well as two shoulder pauldrons. Underneath the cloak he wears a standard black shirt with two metal gauntlets. He also wears standard black pants with black military-like boots over the ends of them. He carries a long battle-stave with a torch-light on the end of it.


Born of a human, he set off to find great riches and adventure 17 years ago with his twin brother, Adoros Dragonsblood. They found an abandoned castle and he took over it, summoning servants and guards using his magic.

He captured travellers that came to close to his castle, and forced them to fight to the death. All the while, stealing anything of value they had on them and storing it in his hoard room.

He captured the party and was killed hours later, being blinded and then beaten.

Xangold Dragonsblood

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