Eberron: Dust swallows Sharn

Howling Peaks

The party went into the mountains to continue their quest to head to Zilargo. After continuing along a trade route, the dwarf was ambushed by a giant blob of Jelly and the party found its way deeper under the mountains. Some confusion caused the party to dig there way up, where they were exposed to an ambush of Gargoyal Scouts. Ol Dal suggested that they try to march above ground through an untouched mountain area, but the rest of the party suggested they return underground.
The party continues to weave through the labryrnth. Eventually Raakina Maraawe found a trap door which led to an underground body of water. Swimming (and walking) through the pool, the party, led by Durnnam the Cold found their way into an ancient holding place dating back to the end of the Age of Demons. The room was covered with kyber dragonshard, and in the center of the onyx alter was an imprisoned Devil. The Fiend was trapped inside. After moving a lever, and a few mistakes, the Kyton was released and fought fiercely with its chains. Black Mage was knocked inert from combat, and severe injuries were taked. Eventually, with the hard hitting consistancy of Durnnam the Cold and patience of Ol Dal, the fiend was defeated.

How it all began

It all started when a dwarven security worker was attacked by a group of thieves. He was working in the central part of Sharn, where the buisness and middle class are. The radicals were no match for his Dwarven Mountain Plate and Tower Shield, but they were fast. The few who survived grabbed some rubies(just the rubies) and started to run out of the store. Meanwhile—-

A lone elf enters the city of Sharn, not for the first time in his life. He searches for adventurers who would help him defeat a group of giants hiding in the Desert of Blades. He sees thieves running towards him, carrying several rubies. He uses his stealth and trickery and they fall before him like flies. Meanwhile—-

Standing at the base of an old library, a warforged wizard readies its spells for the day. It enters the library, finding an entrance to the secret underground catacombs of Sharn, built by the goblins of the former Dhakaani Empire. It takes his first steps into the chambers, not knowing what it will find. Meanwhile—-

A Druid enters the big city for the first time with his Bear Compainion, Moose. He is soon charged with indecent exposure and is warned about having a dagerous animal in the city. After a rough time, he is crossing a bridge when the thieves run into him, almost knocking him off to fall to his death. His Bear makes short work of the thieves, and soon the rubies are returned.

Illian's Log

To those whom it will concern, and for the better of Zilargo.

My time in Sharn has been interesting to say the least. I have my race’s knack for illusions, and was drawn towards specialization at Mongrave University. Sharn has been an interesting city, and I’ve noticed that they’re are many crime factions, and a large struggle against the law. Also, the lower portions of the city have ruins of the ancient goblinoid empire. I wonder what secrets those ruins hold! Mongrave University seems less intrested in knowledge and more interested in collecting artifacts from extreme locations. My studies come to a close soon and I will head back to Zilargo.

I have made a great discovery! Rumor speaks of an unsual magic user who can use telepathy without spells. My goal is to leave my studies and search them out.

Currently I am in an undisclosed location learning from the Great Sara. Now I will learn to manipulate the powers of my mind. I have acchived even more than I had hoped for, not only did I gain telepathy, but I can even sense the presence of intellegent life. Oddly enough, my magical studies have not been deprived, but I feel that if I continue my training in this field, I must sacrifice some of my arcane power. I am not willing to do that. Hence, I am going to return back to my studies in Sharn.
- – – – – – – – – – – – -In Contemplation of experiences, Illian Corran d’Sivis

P.S. Currently captured by some slave trader of sorts. I was passing through the King’s Forest. Don’t send help, I plan to continue observation and then try to escape.


The party enters the King’s Forest while fleeing Sharn. They travel deep into the forest and are ambushed by a band of mercs.

They wake up to find themselves in the dungeons of Xangold’s Castle. After speaking with Illian Corran d’Sivis, and Adoros Dragonsblood they decide to plan an escape.

It started when Raakina Maraawe stole the keys off of one of the guards’ hips. They then, along with Armal, they venture throughout the castle. First stopping to regain their lost possesions and steal thousands of golden coins. They traversed throughout the rest of the Castle, eventually finding the bedroom of Xangold Dragonsblood. Illian Corran d’Sivis then copied down two spells found in a very peculiar spellbook.

They travelled to the throne of Xangold Dragonsblood. The battle lust of Durnnam the Cold combined with the curse cast by Illian Corran d’Sivis, eventually left Xangold Dragonsblood destroyed. The party then returned to the barracks where the guards had been meeting. Illian Corran d’Sivis decided upon a way of converting the guards into allies. Using his telepathy, he told the guards “I am the One. My followers have defeated your leader, and wish to end you. I want peace. Lay on the ground and you will be spared.” Illian Corran d’Sivis then searched for the most intelligent guard(Samson the Chosen) and sent him a message, “You have been chosen by me to take charge of this castle, remember my follower’s faces and hopefully you will be an ally.Your new name is Samson the Chosen.” Then, after informing the others who was in charge, the party left. Illian Corran d’Sivis parted ways telling them he must return to Zilargo. Along their travel, Black Mage met the party and they headed east. Ol Dal pushed the others into traveling without rest.


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