Welcome to our Eberron Campaign!

Our group can be fun and quirky and we all have our character preferences. We hope you enjoy a glance in our campaign and gain some fun ideas.

Magic fuels the lives of those in Eberron. From Clerics who call on the power of greater forces and wizards who manipulate the fabric of reality to Artificers who create items of magic but lack the ability to cast spells, magic is the greatest source of power. History plays an important role in the world of Eberron. Events such as the fall of giants, invasion of the Daelkyr, and the Age of Demons all affect the world. Great forces work to reinact events in history, and bring themselves back to power. With great forces ready to make their move, a few pebbles are thrown into the river of time. Will they mearly cause ripples, or will they change the flow of the river itself?

1. We will NOT keep a total death count of Capt. Expendable

2. It is NOT a good idea to make fun of the Warfordged’s lack of gender

3. You will not have your Valeanar Elf run into battle yelling “This is Sparta!”

4. As ammusing as many battle cries would be, you will limit yourself to one battle cry gag per session.

5. The changeling is not Clayface

6. There is no Batman in Sharn

7. Starting a conversation with an NPC by saying “So, how much XP are you worth?” is a bad idea.

8. “Getting in touch with nature” doesn’t mean your druid can run around naked

9. I will NOT roll the dice to see if you’re getting drunk.

10. Using NPCs as suicide bombers or bait is not allowed, even if they have a mere 3hp.

11. Gnomes are not the ninjas of Eberron. Ninjas are the ninjas of Eberron.

12. Not all Gnomes are members of the Trust.

13. Gnomes are not child-like.

14. In Eberron, Halflings ride Dinosaurs, and they aren’t Kender.

15. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

16. Unless you can breakdance. Then you most definately should.

17. Don’t forget the poison.

18. Don’t call Javan Tomollan Justin Timberlake. At least to his face.

“Some kind of Jelly monster is trying to kill me!”

“OK, so your characters spent 15 minutes trying to push/break open a sliding door(facepalm)”

Eberron: Dust swallows Sharn

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